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Scale Dynamix platform creates high performance, scalable and secure infrastructure on top of Amazon Cloud (AWS) and hosts WooCommerce on it. This gives your business the competitive edge to facilitate growth and boost revenue.

Our platform keeps your store up and running by adding more resources during traffic spikes. This ensures that your store is always available and performing at its best when the customers visit.

Automatically add server resources based on triggers and events.

Trusted by public companies, private businesses and non-profits.

Promotion Event

Before running promotions that will generate heavy traffic

PPC Campaigns

Before sending paid traffic to your store

Response Time

When website response time increases beyond acceptable threshold

CPU Usage

When CPU usage exceeds defined threshold

Memory Usage

When memory usage exceeds defined threshold

Pay only for what you need

Hourly AWS Costs

Pay for utilized infrastructure by the hour

Hourly Platform Costs

Pay for Scale Dynamix by the hour

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Only transparent pricing without lock-in.

Get the support your business deserves!

Our engineers have years of experience and they contribute to WordPress ecosystem. They provide onboarding assistance, handle migrations and instantly resolve any ongoing issues. With excellent team members and automation we resolve 90% support incidents within first 10 minutes.

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Switching to Scale Dynamix was one of the best decision we ever made. Their engineering team is amazing and they know exactly what we need. There’s no word like downtime with Scale Dynamix. They have worked with us as a team and helped us scale one of our most complicated products.
Animesh Pandey,

CEO, ViralAux

See how Scale Dynamix compares to self managed AWS hosting

Hosting WordPress and WooCommerce on AWS is great! Thanks to ready to use server images, you can get started with WordPress + WooCommerce in just a few clicks. You go live and your site starts to grow. As the number of visitors increase, so does the size of your todo list.

You need to make sure that the site is fast. You need to install all available updates. You need to secure the server. You need to monitor the site to make sure it doesn’t crash under traffic. And when you add new developers to your team, you need to setup isolated staging sites where they can work. And the list goes on and on.

WooCommerce also needs special attention as the number of orders grow over time. Since you only get 1 shot at first impression, you need to make sure your store is blazing fast for new customers.

You can either spend your precious time staying on top of these tasks or select a partner that can take care of all technical aspects of your business.

Our intelligent platform connects to your AWS account and deploys enterprise WordPress or WooCommerce that is optimized for high performance. It also dynamically resizes your instances to make sure your site or store is always fast, secure and available to your customers.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of how ScaleDynamix makes Amazon web hosting a more efficient process.

Self Managed HostingScale Dynamix Hosted Sites
Zero Downtime Migration
Built-In Catalog and Object Caching
Website Management Interface
Scaling Triggered by E-Commerce Events
Support by WooCommerce Experts
Automatic Software Updates
Staging Environments
SSL Certificates
Automatic Backups
Managed Security
High Availability
Performance Optimized WooCommerce

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