Building a social media presence is often on the minds of online business owners. After all, connecting with people via social media increases brand awareness, extends your reach, and gives you the opportunity to be more available to those that may convert as customers in the future. Not to mention, social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your eCommerce shop with posts of new products, services, and exclusive deals.

But there’s more to social media marketing than just setting up a few accounts and posting messages every now and then.

If you’re not seeing the results you expected with your social media efforts, keep reading. We’re going to share with you some of the most common mistakes many online businesses make when it comes to social media, so you can avoid hurting your business and instead help it grow.

1. Not Engaging with Followers

One of the best things about social media is that it gives you another platform to share your website’s content on. This ensures your loyal followers always know what’s going on with your company, even if they don’t visit your website as often as you’d like.

That said, a lot of people use social media as a way to engage with brands. People like to ask questions, air concerns, and even leave valuable feedback on social media posts that you can use to make improvements to your business and give people more of what they want. 

But this only really works if you interact with your customers. This includes replying to every comment, both good and bad.

If you fail to engage with people commenting on your social media posts, you risk tarnishing your reputation. A poor customer service experience will cause 56% of people to never use your company again. Adding to that, 52% of people will tell others about their poor experience. 

As much as you don’t want to believe it, social media interactions count as customer service experiences and every interaction should be taken seriously.

2. Not Committing to It

Too many online businesses get excited about their social media marketing efforts, and then let their efforts taper a few months in, forgetting about all those people that have liked or followed them.

We get it, running an online business is a lot of work. But there’s no sense signing up for social media accounts if you’re not going to put the effort in to make it worthwhile. In fact, no social media presence is better than a lackluster one that will frustrate people.

Take a look at Nike, for example. With over 33 million followers, you would think that posting regular content would be a priority. And yet, as you can see in the image below, the most recent messages were posted in August of 2018.

old-posts-on-facebook-example Social Media Mistakes

The same can be said about building a social media audience. Although it would be nice to set it and forget it, opening a social media account and hoping people will just like or follow you is not going to happen. You’re going to need to post regular content, update images, and include social icons on your website for site visitors to click and follow if you want to build a bigger following.

3. Not Converting Followers into Customers

It’s really great if you have a large social media following. It’s even better if you have a large social media following across multiple social media networks. What’s not good is if you don’t take the extra steps to turn what are qualified leads on your social media networks into paying customers.

No one opens up an online business with the hopes of losing money. But the truth is, only 14-17% of people that see a product or service on social media will go on to finalize a purchase. 

It’s important you tell your followers exactly what you want them to do, whether that be read a blog post, buy a product or service, or even subscribe. To do this, use clear call to action buttons, links to your site’s content, and concise copy so people remember why they’re on your social media page in the first place.

4. Automating Too Much Content

Automation is a genius way to make sure you’re always posting to your various social media accounts. 

Remember the time crunch online business owners inevitably run into? Well, automation helps with that and can keep productivity levels high. It also makes sure you push out regular content for people.

That said, too much posting can overwhelm followers and turn them off from your content. They might even be so annoyed that your constant posting fills up their personal feed that they stop following you altogether.

It’s a good idea to spread out the amount of content you want to post to your social media accounts. The average number of posts per day should fall within the 1-5 range. Plus, you should spread the posts out over the course of the day so people visiting at all times see your content.

For example, we post a few times a day on Twitter so our followers can see which content has been posted to the blog.

posting-frequency-example Social Media Mistakes

Trying to find the perfect balance can be challenging at times. So, experiment with your posting frequencies, track the right metrics, and see what your followers respond to, so you can create a solid posting schedule.

5. Inconsistent Branding

Branding your online business is not just about making it look visually appealing for people that arrive on your website. Branding has a powerful purpose – to make your company recognizable for people no matter where there are.

There’s nothing worse than visiting someone’s website and seeing a certain a logo or color scheme, and then heading over to Facebook to like their page and seeing a completely different logo and/or color scheme.

This can be confusing for customers. In fact, inconsistent branding may cause your followers to become unsure about whether they’re following the right company on social media or not. The solution to this is to always be clear with your branding and whatever you do, use the same design across all platforms.

6. Using Too Many Platforms

Social media has the potential to reach a customer base that spans the globe. But with so many platforms to choose from these days, it’s easy to take on too much and do more harm than good.

The key to avoiding this common social media mistake is pinpointing which social media sites your target audience interact with the most. Then, master those ones and forget about the rest.

If you open up too many social media accounts, you risk overworking yourself trying to manage them. Plus, you’ll lose out on opportunities to generate sales because you’ll be spending time trying to convert people that are never going to be interested in what you have to offer

And there you have it! 6 of the most common social media mistakes online businesses are still making.

If you ever want to push ahead of the competition and convert more leads into paying customers, you’re going to need to build a strong social media presence. However, you’re also going to need to fine tune your social media marketing efforts and avoid making mistakes that are actually hurting your business’ growth.

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