When it comes to running a WordPress website, whether it be a large online business or an eCommerce shop, web hosting is one of the most important aspects. After all, your website is only as good as your hosting provider.

The problem is, many growing businesses that already have what they feel is adequate WordPress hosting fail to recognize when they’ve outgrown their current provider and need to migrate to a more powerful solution.

That’s why today we’re going to share with you 5 surefire signs that you’re in need of a new web host, so you can continue to scale your website like you always dreamed you would when you first started out.

So, let’s take a look.

5 Top Signs It’s Time to Migrate to a New Web Host

1. Increased Downtime

If your website is inaccessible to site visitors for any reason, it’s considered downtime. And even a few seconds of downtime for your website, especially at increasing intervals, can mean major losses in revenue for your online business.

Not to mention, the more your website is unavailable for users, the more your search rankings will suffer. After all, Google wants the user experience to be seamless for everybody when they arrive on your site. If your site becomes unreliable due to excessive downtime, you better believe it’s going to hurt your SEO.

Web hosting is one of the biggest causes of downtime, whether it be because of routine server maintenance, security issues/checks, or server crashes due to resource strain. Because of this, it’s important you make the switch to a more reliable web host if you notice your WordPress website going offline more than usual.  

After all, the last thing you want if for your web hosting provider’s servers to fail you during important times like Cyber Monday because they can’t handle the growth of your website and increased traffic.

2. Decreased Site Speed

We’ve talked about the importance of site speed and performance in the past many times. That’s because the speed in which your website loads for site visitors is crucial to your overall success.

Without a fast loading website, your SERPs will suffer, the user experience will not be enjoyable, metrics like bounce rate will increase, and you’ll see a drop in conversions and sales.

Although many factors play a role in your WordPress site’s speed, know this: the quality of your web host is included in that list of factors

One of the best ways to determine if your current web host is hurting load times is to use the free online speed test Pingdom. With it, you can choose to have your site’s speed and performance tested from a variety of locations.

pingdom-speed-test Know It’s Time to Migrate

Doing this will show you how your web host delivers site content to people near and far. If your site loads quickly from some places, and takes a long time to load from others, you know your site visitors are experiencing the same every day. 

To fix this, you’ll need to upgrade to a better hosting solution that has more datacenters, different server locations, or at least built-in CDN services to help deliver site content faster.

3. Difficult Support

customer-support Know It’s Time to Migrate

With so many hosting options available these days, it doesn’t make sense for any WordPress web host to provide less than stellar customer support. And yet, it happens all the time.

As your needs grow and your website scales, you may find yourself rethinking the support your web host provides. 

For instance, do you hear about site outages from site visitors rather than your web host? Perhaps you can’t get in touch with support fast enough, despite having more than one support channel available. Or maybe you’re finding that the expertise your web host promised just isn’t as good as you thought it would be.

No matter the details, if you are ever feeling like the support you get from your WordPress hosting provider is less than ideal, it’s time to make a change. After all, a big portion of what you pay for each month includes customer support. And if your find your hosting provider is more concerned with you paying the monthly bill rather than help you sort out support or technical issues, it’s just not worth the money.

4. You Need More Space

If you’re doing things right, your website will continue to grow with time. Unfortunately, this may lead you to realize that your current hosting provider just doesn’t have the feature set you need to continue scaling. Of course, this isn’t to say they are a bad web host. It just means you’ve outgrown their services and need to move on to another that has servers that can handle more traffic and website files.

Sometimes, you can just upgrade your hosting plan and continue using the same host you have been since the beginning. But oftentimes the better solution is to quit while you’re ahead and just switch to a more powerful hosting solution that has everything you need now, and everything you’ll need long into the future.

5. Lackluster Server Security

Your web host is responsible for securing your site’s data and files while they’re being stored on their servers. That said, not every web host out there takes a proactive approach to server security, which can leave your website (and possibly your livelihood) at risk.

A promising sign you’ve outgrown your current web host is if security issues are increasing in severity or number. 

Hackers love to take advantage of server vulnerabilities, which puts your site’s files at risk, as well as the personal and financial information of your customers. And if you ever find yourself caught in a ransomware situation (where a hacker demands payment for the release of the data they’ve stolen), you’re in for a long and bumpy road to recovery.

A good web hosting provider will be able to provide you the details behind their server security and make you feel comfortable that your online business or eCommerce site is safe.

Here are some of the key security features your web host should provide, no matter how big your business is:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Vulnerability scans
  • DDoS protection
  • Enterprise level datacenter security
  • Automatic backups of site data
  • Server firewalls
  • Malware scanning
  • And much more

If at any time you feel like your site’s data is at risk, you need to start looking into a new web hosting provider.

Wrapping Up

Every online business needs to know their web host will improve their site’s speed and performance, protect their site’s data, give them the room needed to grow, and be on hand day or night whenever they need help. And if you think the cost of a high-quality web host isn’t worth making the switch, just sit back and think about how many leads and sales you’ll lose if you don’t.

To learn more about enterprise WordPress hosting, get in touch with Scale Dynamix today. With a highly scalable platform, plenty of reliable security measures in place, and blazing fast load times, you can trust in our abilities to help you scale your enterprise WordPress website and meet your unique needs.