A full set of solutions for optimum Ecommerce performance

Performance Without Limits

Unlike most hosting providers, we don’t place you in narrow, tiered plans. So, you need not worry about your plan’s restrictions or forced upgrades. You get a customized solution including all that you need in terms of:

  • Processing power
  • Memory
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage 

Scale Dynamix acts as an interface with your cloud provider. You get optimum performance without premiums. 

Leverage the best technology has to offer

Other hosting platforms often have rigid rules regarding the technologies you can implement. Not so with Scale Dynamix. The answer to all of the following question is YES.

  • Can I integrate Magento with my current ERP system?
  • Can I use Varnish AND Nginx cache?
  • Can I use a custom CDN?
  • Can I mix WordPress with a JavaScript frontend? 
  • Can I create a headless e-commerce site? 
  • Can I use Postgres with PHP? 
  • Can I use MongoDB containers?

We support any combination of Ecommerce solutions and technology required to achieve uncompromised performance.

Scale at Will

Cloud vendors have drastically reduced the cost of infrastructure in recent years. With per-second billing and pay-as-you-go pricing models you can expect fees to be a few cents per hour—even when reaching millions of customers.

We don’t charge fees on top of your cloud costs. And you don’t pay for unused capacity. Our costs remain the same regardless of your cloud spending, monthly page views, server utilization, etc.

The Only Hosting You’ll Ever Need

Our wide array of features provide everything you need to successfully operate and grow your ecommerce business.

Intelligent Page Cache

Enterprise Firewall

Global CDN

Always-on HTTPS

SSH & CLI Tools

Git and CI Automation

Automatic Backups

Image & Thumbnail Optimization

Dev and Staging Sites