WordPress High Availability Solutions

Exceed your application availability expectations

Leverage the potential of the cloud

Today’s high performance enterprises depend on reliable access to tools, information and people to persistently operate smartly and compete effectively. This requires a robust web infrastructure capable of self healing should potential service disruptions occur. Infinity helps you achieve your high availability goals easily.

Highly scalable platform

Leverage the full potential of the cloud. Automatic scaling, cache management and global delivery included.

Secure by Design

Scale Dynamix protects sites and infrastructure against malware, bots and attacks using enterprise grade firewalls and DDoS Shield.

Scalable across vendors

Scale Dynamix can host your mission critical applications across multiple cloud vendors for higher reliability and uptime.

SLA Uptime Guarantee

Our high availability solutions come with SLA uptime guarantee to meet your business and compliance requirements.


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Using ScaleDynamix for WordPress High Availability

With wide range of cloud services available these days, there is no excuse for downtime. This is especially true for mission critical business applications. On major cloud providers you can quickly deploy a load balancer and get started with WordPress high availability.

This works out great for sites that don’t update much, but as you grow you need to start thinking about failovers, database replication, managing uploads and keeping them in sync across all web servers. Then there are plugin, core and security updates that need to be installed on each server. Let’s not forget about collecting logs to make sure everything is working as it should.

What starts as a simple high availability setup quickly becomes complex over time and requires constant upkeep and maintenance. If you are using autoscaling for WordPress, you also need to stay on top of infrastructure costs and make sure you are not spending money serving traffic to bots, crawlers and hackers.

With ScaleDynamix, all of these tasks, concerns and upkeep requirements become a thing of past. You get started in a few minutes and get access to high availability infrastructure on your own cloud provider. Our platform takes care of WordPress high availability and meets even the strictest uptime requirements backed by our iron-clad SLA.

When you have specific uptime, compliance or business continuity requirements, check out these options and we can get started with building the solution that your business needs.

High Availability Options

Small Web Applications

One of the biggest challenges for developers and businesses is the proposition of adding redundancy to their web apps, which involves lots of administration work. While upgrading to larger servers seem like a good plan, it doesn’t address availability concerns.

But now with Infinity, you can deploy a high availability stack that is capable of running your applications without any modifications, making your business operations more efficient. These entry level solutions are designed to facilitate higher uptime without any code changes. Built-in load balancing allows a single stack to handle massive workloads, with the ability to scale-out on demand.

Growth stage applications

As you grow, having a single database or a single web server can leave a company susceptible to outages and data loss. If your databases and web servers don’t function as expected, they potentially lead to lost revenue, loss of data and can decrease customer loyalty and trust.

Infinity facilitates infrastructure with multiple databases and multiple web servers to avoid this predicament. With high availability infrastructure, your applications can withstand database failures as well as web server failures. We do the heavy lifting so your workflow and code are not affected by infrastructure changes.

Mission Critical Applications

For businesses with mission critical applications, it makes sense to distribute the infrastructure across different geographical locations and even across vendors.

Multi-regional clusters keep your data safe and readily available across regions. Infinity takes care of the data replication, availability monitoring and failovers while abstracting your applications from the complexity.

Our team of experts can help you meet and exceed complex availability requirements for mission critical applications. Added benefits of multi-region and multi-vendor clusters include easy disaster recovery, business continuity and freedom from vendor lock-in.

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