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Magento powers more than 250,000 stores globally. Give wings to your e-commerce dreams through dedicated Magento hosting and optimization platform. Scale Dynamix helps boost ROI and conversions for Magento based businesses.

Highly scalable platform

Leverage the full potential of the cloud. Automatic scaling, cache management and global delivery included.

Secure by Design

Scale Dynamix protects sites and infrastructure against malware, bots and attacks using enterprise grade firewalls and DDoS Shield.

Revenue Boosting Performance

Cache your store catalog to achieve industry leading page load times on desktop and mobile. Get better ROI on ad spend.

Always up to date

Stay on the forefront of technology with automatic updates. All updates are tested in staging before going live.


Trusted by public companies, private businesses and non-profits.

Truely pro level service… Extremely fast support and even faster WooCommerce platform. No, this is not a paid review, just a happy customer! Thanks for the fantastic service.
Shawn Ryan,

CEO, Glider Sports

Why Use Magento Hosting Solution?

You only get 1 shot at first impression. So how do you make sure that your store is at its best when new customers arrive? By making sure it’s blazing fast, secure and reachable from anywhere. Thanks to a thriving ecosystem, Magento has a wide range of extensions and services available to make sure store stand out from the crowd.

While it’s exciting to get started, navigating through millions of plugins and services and picking the right ones can be difficult. When you have an already successful business, you need to be careful with making any changes to the site and not make it slow. Maintaining the server infrastructure, security, backups, and performance while running your business requires dedicated personnel.

A great alternative to this is partnering with Scale Dynamix. We get you started on a platform that takes care of Magento Performance at every stage of your business. We make sure your site is blazing fast to all visitors including mobile shoppers. We take care of online security to insure customer trust and loyalty. We also make sure that your back-office and store management interface remains available and performant at all times for processing incoming orders.

Scale Dynamix runs Magento on the popular docker container technology. This enables us to scale your store across hundreds of servers instantly without requiring manual configuration. So next time you are featured on national TV, you can count on us to keep your store up and running while you focus on growth.


While Magento easy to get started, things start to get tricky when the number of orders and products grow. But, with the help of our platform, you won’t ever have to worry about this again.

At Scale Dynamix, our team of developers, designers and consultants have extensive experience in scaling and performance optimization and we can help manage your Magento based business. Scale Dynamix helps you to leverage full potential of Magento, including better control over UX, decoupled frontend, higher scalability, and powerful extendability.

With Scale Dynamix, your Magento infrastructure is completely customizable and can be personalized to suit your uptime and performance requirements. If you’d like more information about our managed Magento hosting service, contact a member of our team.

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