People looking to launch an online business, blog, or eCommerce shop often want to hire an agency that can build a site on WordPress. After all, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the market right now. And since it powers over 33% of all websitesworldwide – chances are, those looking for site redesigns are also using WordPress and need a WordPress agency to help.

The thing is, there are so many web development agencies to choose from these days that picking one can be tough for website owners, both old and new. So many agencies make big promises they can’t deliver, which makes people wary when it comes time to handing over a lot of money, and their website, to an agency to handle.

As a reputable WordPress agency, it’s important you be able to leverage the power of WordPress, get your team on board with what the client wants, and create an experience that will boost clientele and turn first-time customers into long-term clients.

Here are 5 key things that people tend to look for in a WordPress agency before they hire you to build, redesign, and possibly manage their WordPress websites.

1. A Solid Web Strategy

Any time someone needs a site build or redesign, they’re going to want to know the agency in charge of everything has a plan in place for everything

Your team should be strong enough to develop a plan that meets the client’s needs. But more than that, your agency’s approach to building a website should center around helping your clients convert site visitors and establish their brand as trustworthy.

Here’s what WPRiders include on their website so people interested in investing in an online store build know what the process will be like right from the start:

web-strategy-example WordPress Agency

This generalized outline of the development process lets people get a feel for what’s to come should they hire your agency for help.

2. A Portfolio

wordpress-agency-portfolio-example WordPress Agency

Nothing shows prospective clients what you do best than an extensive portfolio. And the truth is, your clients want to see what you’re capable of before they agree to work with you.

With enough experience, your WordPress agency should have a strong portfolio that demonstrates a wide range of work. From small site launches to large corporation website redesigns, the more variety you can showcase, the better. 

Adding to that, make sure to highlight any specialty work you do. For example, if your team can integrate a client’s WordPress site with popular third-party CRM services like Salesforce, note that in your portfolio so potential clients see what’s possible.

Lastly, try to address common questions on your website such as:

  • Whether your team completes entire projects or work is outsourced
  • If there is an on-site developer and designer working together
  • Why your team designed some sites a certain way

Being able to field questions before someone asks them is a great way to instill trust in someone thinking about hiring you to work on their website.

3. Knowledge & Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere. And at one point, your WordPress agency had zero clients. That said, as your agency grows, people wanting to hire a WordPress agency are going to look for knowledgeable experts that have experience doing a wide variety of projects.

Though your portfolio helps highlight the kind of work your team is capable of, some people will want to know more. For example, a prospective customer might ask whether your development team has ever created their own framework or how often they contribute to the WordPress community. Being able to build frameworks from scratch, while at the same time lending some time and expertise to the open source community that WordPress is known for are both great qualities clients are looking for in a WordPress agency. 

Just take a look at WebDevStudios. They believe in the open source nature of WordPress and in sharing their knowledge with others:

sharing-knowledge-and-experience-example WordPress Agency

Lastly, you might consider contributing to GitHub, the largest source code repository around.

github-example WordPress Agency

Web designers and developers use this site to test and share code with others. Agencies that contribute regularly to GitHub are often seen as experts in their fields and as more established than competitors that don’t contribute.

4. Availability

Of course, the more work you can secure the more money you’ll make. However, the last thing you want to do is agree to work with a ton of clients and spread your team too thin. This will result in missed deadlines, poor workmanship, and upset clients that won’t use you again in the future.

In addition to making sure you only take on as much work as you can handle at one time, the next thing you’ll want to do is be accessible to all your clients. People want to feel they can reach out to you at any time with questions, changes, concerns, and more. That’s why you should provide multiple means of communication to your clients such as an email address and telephone number.

For those that are looking for more information about your services, try creating a convenient contact form like Modern Tribe does. Prospective clients choose the reason they’re reaching out to them from a dropdown menu and the appropriate form fields appear.

contact-form-example WordPress Agency

5. References

Your WordPress agency’s portfolio is not going to be enough for some people looking to hire a developer. After all, the end product may look fantastic, but if communication was poor, the budgets weren’t adhered to, and the client had a tough time working with your team, a potential client is going to want to know this.

Good WordPress agencies put client relationships at the forefront of their work. The best way to ensure an interested client that you are the right fit for them and their project needs is to have readily available references they can talk to if they want to.

Here are some of the types of questions a client might ask your references:

  • Did the team meet your needs?
  • Was your project finished on time?
  • What was the quality of the final project?
  • Was the team easy to reach at all times?
  • Were the team members personable?
  • How is your website performing now?
  • Are you scaling in terms of site traffic and sales like you expected?
  • If you could have done anything differently, what would you have changed?

Satisfied clients are usually more than happy to write a testimonial for your website, like you can see on Crowd Favorite:

testimonial-example WordPress Agency

These happy clients are just the kind of people you need to recruit as references.

And there you have it! Some of the key things clients are looking for in a WordPress agency.

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