ScaleDynamix Platform + Support

ScaleDynamix platform creates scalable infrastructure on major cloud providers and hosts your sites.
Our engineers handle cloud operations and provide support 24x7x365.

Getting Started Takes only a few Minutes

Create an account

Connect your cloud provider

We take care of the rest

All plans include these features

Unlimited Sites

Unlimited Pageviews

All Cloud Integrations

24×7 Expert Support

Global Anycast DNS

Intelligent Page Cache

Global CDN

Enterprise Firewall and DDoS Shield

Always-on HTTPS

SSH & CLI Tools

Git and CI Automation

Image & Thumbnail Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cloud providers are supported?

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure and Digital Ocean.

Do I need a separate cloud provider account?

Yes. If you don’t already have an AWS, GCP, Azure or DigitalOcean account, we can help you setup one.

Can ScaleDynamix migrate my site?

Yes. Our engineers work with you to migrate your site without disruption.

Does ScaleDynamix plan cover infrastructure charges?

No. Infrastructure charges are collected by your cloud provider based on your consumption.

Can I setup servers on multiple providers?

Yes. You can setup servers on multiple providers from same account.

Can I host different sites on the same server?

Yes. Each site is hosted on a separate container and you can mix different technologies on the same server.

Can I host Non-WordPress sites using ScaleDynamix?

Yes. You can host sites that use HTML, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript and many other technologies using ScaleDynamix.

Are there any additional fees for resizing infrastructure?

No. There are no additional fees to add / remove servers or to resize clusters.

Is there a long-term contract when I signup?

No. All plans are renewed monthly and you can cancel anytime.

Join our successful clients spanned across 5 continents.

Truely pro level service… Extremely fast support and even faster WooCommerce platform. No, this is not a paid review, just a happy customer! Thanks for the fantastic service.
Shawn Ryan,

CEO, Glider Sports